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David Duffield

Hello! My name is David Duffield. Welcome to my site!

S'il te plaît, clique sur ma photo ou ici pour participer, mais UNIQUEMENT si tu as au moins 21 ans.

I'm 53 and have been enjoying a progression of being nude and showing off since I was a teenager. It started when my parents would leave me alone at home and I would get naked and run around the inside and outside of my house, secretly hoping to be seen by someone driving by.

By my 30's, I had begun a spiral down into exposure and the daring of showing my face online. I had AOL chatrooms and would start with just pictures of my body but as I get excited and bolder, I began sharing pictures of my face as well. Then, as popular websites like Xtube and Xhamster sprang up, I found it exciting to share my exposure adventures online. People began complimenting me for always smiling, as if I was enjoying what I was doing, which was the truth. It made me hard and excited knowing people (mostly guys) were sitting looking at my naked body and watching my videos and masturbating.

Lately, I joined Twitter (luvbennude) and started uploading videos and pictures there. Again, the comments spurred me on. I also would get excited doing Fap Roulettes that required exposure, like roll a number and you had to include certain details. I posted a picture with my full name and information on MyNakedSelfie and it really got me going. I found this site and figured it was the ultimate, using my name and being exposed for anyone to see.

I love hearing from visitors/followers and look forward to hearing from them with this site. I always take requests and will gladly do just about anything. It never hurts to ask. Let me know some of the kinky ideas you have.

Thanks for looking, downloading, spreading, sharing, and everything else. David

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